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Why middle hill trek?

  • As Nepal is divided into three topographical regions: Himalayan Region, Mid Hill Region and Terai Region, we especially highlight Mid Hill Region to boost trekking tourism. This region lies between 700m/ 2,000 ft and 3,000 m./ 10,000 ft altitude, enriched in green landscapes, beautiful  rice fields, diverse flora and fauna with tropical climate. It covers 68% of the total land of the country.


  • The Hill economy is that the villagers' cash income is extremely low and most of the educated youths are jobless and due to lack of job opportunities in the hills many of the educated youths are bound to leave for  Gulf and Middle East countries in search of employment. Considering on this fact, we have formed a trekking tour operating company with the name of Middle Hill Trek to promote trekking tourism in the Mid Hill Region and provide employment to educated and non -educated youths according to their capability.


  • We want our local youths to stay in the Mid-hills and build their local economies and communities, as opposed to migrating to abroad. Their contribution of the skills and knowledge for the development of tourism in the hilly regions generate income for livelihood and it surely brings substantial development in the socio-economy sector in the Hills.


  • We have motivated our ethnic groups of people of Mid Hill Regions  from Magar west of Pokhara, Gurung south of the Annapurnas, Tamang, Brahmins, Chhetri, Schedule castes around the periphery of Kathmandu Valley and Rai, Jirel, Sunuwar to  Limbu further east to contribute something for  sustainable development of their respective areas through tourism. We want to see our ethnic groups of people of Mid Hill Region have quality of life and financially self-dependent.


  • All the trekking trails that Middle Hill Trek offer are in operation and  fairly easy to moderate in grade . Trekkers traverse through a variety of habitats and vegetation types without gaining much altitude. They walk through green valleys, gently climb up the rocky passes, sub tropical rain forest, plateaus, deep gorges and different ethnic villages meeting with culturally diverse people on the trails. They enjoy the unbeatable natural splendor and cultural experiences. We can organize trekking for any group size  in comfort with least preparation, equipment and support providing the western and  local foods at every  local tea houses. All our trekking programs are well designed by our trained and professional trekking leaders ensuring safety and security for every trekker.



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